Marianna Boldini | Circus performer / teacher
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Marianna Boldini

Circus is my means of communication and expression. Committing my body and creativity to this passion is what makes my profession as fragile as exiting. Circus brings people to collaboration on a physical and human level: that’s why I found this art form altruistic and beneficial. It is also a powerful tool for social and educational interventions: it can make changes, suggesting reflections. I’m a hand to hand and banquine flyer. I privilege working in group and share the practice of my discipline with different acrobats. That’ s why in my work choices I privilege the collective work. In my career, I am constantly looking for a balance between my personal practice as a solo performer and the collective practice of my main discipline. As a solo artist I research and play music with my accordion, I practice clown techniques, handstands and hula hoops.